ACE Entertainment – Summer 2024 Film & TV Internship, Yale in Hollywood

Tentative Internship Duration: May 14-August 15
Application Deadline: March 15, 2024
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TV applicants:

OF THE DARK, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, XO KITTY) is looking for in-person Spring interns for
both our film and television teams! ACE prides itself on being a leading voice in the young adult
media space. Although this is an unpaid internship, we are offering course credit. The main
responsibility we give our interns is to provide coverage on materials the company receives
such as books, scripts, short stories and articles. If they don’t have experience with writing
coverage, we provide comprehensive samples as well as a workshop during the first week with
one of our executives who will explain how to write proper coverage. We also look to our interns
to help with certain creative decks, talents lists, and help in organizing company documents.
Our interns collectively track current pop culture trends through our “Pop Culture Memos” which
they send to the whole company.

They will also have the responsibility to send daily emails to their supervisors regarding what
their team is working on. On top of this, we have weekly Q&A sessions with executives which
allow our interns to meet the team and get an inside look into producing and what it’s like to
work at a production company. Lastly, we allow interns to join certain pitch meetings so they can
gain real exposure of how a pitch is done which is followed by a round up meeting where we
discuss their thoughts and ideas. Throughout the duration of this internship, we will be testing
and tracking their writing, communication, organizational, and time management skills in order
to give them the abilities and confidence to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
We take interns of all disciplines, but appreciate an interest in the entertainment industry and
communication fields. We bring on interns to both our Film and TV department.

Yale College recognizes that experiential learning is a valued and integral part of the Yale College academic experience, enabling students to transition from the classroom into their post-graduate professional careers. This experience is acquired through a variety of means, including but not limited to internships, volunteer opportunities, independent projects, and research opportunities. Some employers require students to demonstrate that the work or internship experience is related to their academic major, and some students want to demonstrate to future employers that they have done field work. PRAC 471/472 are graded pass/fail courses that allow a student to receive credit for the application of summer experience toward this structured curricular engagement.

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By Lori Ferrara
Lori Ferrara Senior Administrative Assistant