Tech for Good: A Recent Grad’s Journey into Public Service

In her post-graduate work, Vivian Vasquez (YC ‘23) has merged her passion for technology and public service through her work in the U.S. Digital Corps. The U.S. Digital Corps is a two-year federal government fellowship that provides a unique opportunity for early career technologists to leverage technology to provide high-impact service. Working as a fellow provides a nontraditional but exciting avenue to utilize technology skills in areas like “public health, cybersecurity, and equity.”

The Unique Work of the Digital Corps
At Yale, Vivian majored in Ethics, Politics, and Economics and completed a certificate in
Statistics and Data Science. Working in the Digital Corps, her top choice upon graduating, has been a platform to work at the intersection of these fields. When considering post-graduate opportunities, Vivian was drawn to the Digital Corps for its unique ability to provide her with an understanding of the “technical infrastructure that government services rely on.” This complemented her studies at Yale, where she often dove into “inequities and inefficiencies in American public services.” Her work through the Digital Corps ultimately allows her to impact the lives of millions of people through contributing to a platform for government service delivery.

A Rich Mentorship Web
As a Digital Corps fellow, you are both an employee of the General Services administration (GSA) and work directly with another federal agency that you support with technical work. Vivian works with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), with an interest in public health shaped by spending much of her college years in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She highlighted the rich network of mentors that the fellowship provides her, including a mentor at CMS and a career coach at GSA. Their mentorship has enriched her fellowship experience, providing resources to navigate the workplace and develop soft skills. She is also provided a personal development fund to help complement her career progression.

What’s Next
Over the course of her first year in the Digital Corps, she has become confident in the “grasp of [her] agency’s workings” and as she embarks on her second year of the fellowship, she looks forward to taking on more leadership roles and honing her skills as a more efficient and adaptable technologist.”

Details of the hiring process of the Digital Corps, which include a resume review, technical
assessment, and behavioral interview, can be found here.

Written by: Lucy Damachi

By Kelly McSergi
Kelly McSergi Director of Employer Relations