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Guide: Most Affordable NYC Summer Internship Housing

This post is brought to you by Kopa—a digital platform for finding temporary housing in places like NYC.

After you land an internship in New York City (maybe with the help of WayUp), you’re flooded with feelings of relief and excitement. …

By WayUp Team - WayUp
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Career Tips for First-Generation Grad Students

Helen Pho, a first-generation grad student herself, offers six key pieces of advice in this article that is part of the Carpe Careers series in Inside Higher Ed.

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5 Soft Skills Every Software Engineer Needs

Pop culture stereotypes depict computer programmers as non- client-facing, socially awkward office drones relegated to the basement office. However, the most successful software engineers are not only incredible problem-solvers; they’re seasoned communicators, empathizers and, yes, leaders. Like in any industry, …

By Kindra Cooper - Springboard
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