Spring 2022 GPE Fellowship Open Positions

Spring 2022 GSAS Professional Experience (GPE) Fellowship Opportunities

GPE Fellowship applications for the Spring 2022 Term are now open! Read about each fellowship below in the embedded links and apply for positions by clicking the “Apply Now” button. You could also directly apply through the Yale Career Link. Under the Jobs tab, search for the keyword “GPE” to see all available fellowships. For more details about the fellowship program, click here.

Positions are open to currently matriculated PhD students in years 1-6* of their program during the time of the fellowship. Applications are due by 11:59pm on October 17, 2021.

* 7th-year students with COVID-related funding extensions from GSAS are also eligible to apply. International students should consult with your OISS advisor to confirm eligibility. Please contact McDougal Fellow Shi Shen and Zenan Wang with any questions.

Students may apply to more than one fellowship position but can only accept one position. Required application documents are (1) a resume (not an academic CV) and (2) a personalized cover letter.

Spring 2022 GPE Open Positions (Deadline October 17, 2021)

The details and link to apply in Career Link for each position are available in the associated links (Fellowship name – Host office):

  1. Gender and Public Policy Fellow – Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies (CLAIS)
  2. GSAS Communications Fellow –  Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  3. History Keepers Program Fellow – Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale (“The House”)
  4. Faculty Research Management Fellow – Faculty Research Management Services
  5. Social Media Fellow – Yale Peabody Museum
  6. Editorial Fellow – Yale Alumni Magazine
  7. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fellow – Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Yale School of Medicine
  8. University Community Engagement Fellow – Dwight Hall at Yale
  9. Community Engagement Classification Fellow – Dwight Hall at Yale
  10. Yale Prison Education Initiative Fellow – Yale Prison Education Initiative (YPEI) at Dwight Hall
  11. Geospatial Data Analysis Fellow – Yale Carbon Containment Lab
  12. Communications Fellow – The Yale Review
  13. Archive Fellow – Yale Film Review
  14. International Strategic Initiatives Fellow – Yale Office of International Affairs
  15. International Communications Fellow – Yale Office of International Affairs
  16. Communications Fellow – Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
  17. Outreach Fellow – Yale Dean’s Office of Gender & Campus Culture

If you experience trouble submitting your application through Yale Career Link, please directly send your application (resume and cover letter) to us at Shi Shen and Zenan Wang

Application Timeline

  • October 17, 2021: Applications deadline (11:59pm ET)
  • October 17 –  November 19, 2021: Interview and award notification to selected fellows
  • December 13, 2021 – January 14, 2022: New fellows onboarding
  • January 18, 2022: Suggested fellowship start date

Past GPE fellows & mentors sharing their experiences

Five pairs of Spring 2021 fellows and their host offices took a moment to reflect their experiences in a recent info session!

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Resume Accomplishment Statements

Check out OCS’ examples below to make sure the accomplishment statements on your resume make a strong impact to any employer.

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Worked with a student leadership committee to increase member participation
Contributed …

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Resume Formatting Quick Tips

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Font size should be between 10-12 points; choose professional and easy to read fonts. Margins typically range between .5 and 1 inch
Do not use personal pronouns (e.g. I, …

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