Finding an Internship

Many companies offer internships for graduate students and postdocs, both over the summer and during the academic year. To uncover opportunities,

Can’t find an opportunity that is the right fit for you?  Many companies do not have a formal internship program, but still may be open to hiring an intern. With the right strategy, you may be able to develop an opportunity tailored to your career goals.  Get started by reading our tips on crafting your own internship and the helpful advice in these articles:

Alternatives to the Traditional Summer Internship

Since many PhD students and postdocs are unable to take a full summer away from their research, consider internship alternatives that fit with your research plan and don’t prolong time to degree. Did you know that Yale University is an organization with an operating budget of over $3 billion and a staff size of 10,000+? Many graduate students find meaningful work right here on campus. Yale offers many professional development opportunities for graduate students to work in different campus organizations and in diverse functional areas on a part-time basis throughout the year.

In addition, you might want to explore short-term projects and online learning experiences that can also provide valuable opportunities to test job functions, develop your transferable skill set and provide an inside look into new careers.  Start with the resources listed below.