The OCS STEM Peer Professionalization Group (PPG) is a peer mentoring program, which pairs small groups of graduate students from STEM-related fields who are interested in actively developing their professional and career plans. This program combines monthly small group meetings with large on-campus and off-campus events each semester to provide a format that is flexible for the busy schedule of graduate students.


  • Consistently engage graduate students in career and professional development activities
  • Increase communication, networking, and resource/knowledge sharing amongst graduate students
  • Advance students’ career preparedness and skills, including career awareness, professional narratives, informational interviewing, networking, and more
  • Provide a format that is both flexible and effective
  • Increase the awareness of the career resources around campus


  • Self-assessment of skills, interests, and values
  • Identified career interests and goals
  • Abilities and opportunities to build up your peer and professional social networks
  • Interview and job application skills
  • Confidence to tackle the non-academic job market

Voices from PPG members 2018-2019

“Having a small group of like-minded individuals to bounce things off of was the best part of this program. It made not knowing what I want to do after Yale feel more okay.”

“Our group is very supportive and I feel very comfortable sharing confusion, experience, questions, and thoughts with my group members.”

“We were very well matched in terms of interests. In fact, we formed a team for the YGCC (Yale Graduate Consulting Club) case competition (with 2 other people outside our group) and won!”

After completing the program, ALL members participated in the satisfaction survey said they prefer to work in a group than individually!