Teaching and Mentoring

Teaching and Mentoring are essential professional skills that will serve you far beyond the classroom.

Effective teaching and mentoring requires more than simply extensive knowledge or expertise in a given subject area. The resources accessible through this page will help you develop the skills to be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with people of different educational, cultural, or linguistic backgrounds.
  • Build long-lasting relationship with colleagues and co-workers to create a vibrant learning community.
  • Foster and cultivate new leadership.
  • Grow your organization’s capacity for innovation and independent problem-solving.

Mentoring is rooted in relationships – a way to increase capacity for leadership, innovation, and independent problem solving.

See the resources below to help you develop skills as a teacher and mentor.


Mentoring Master Class: Peer Mentoring Groups

Mentors shape our careers by guiding us through difficult decisions. But, how do you find a good mentor? In this series, Dr. Joanne Kamens advocates for the use of Peer Mentoring Groups as a method to provide and receive valuable …

By Chelsea Xu
Chelsea Xu Profile Picture
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Yale 2021 3-Minute Thesis Competition Winners Announced!

Life in the virtual space became quite normalized in 2020.  And while this trend continued into 2021, new challenges awaited many of us.  One such challenge awaited Yale’s 2021 3-Minute Thesis Competition competitors, where this year’s entire event would be …

By Brian Frenette
Brian Frenette Senior Associate Director Brian Frenette
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Cross Campus Graduate and Professional Mentorship

What is Cross Campus G&P Mentorship?

By leveraging our Cross Campus online community, the Yale Alumni Association arranges mentor-mentee relationships between students of Yale’s participating graduate and professional schools and their alumni.

This is a 1:1 relationship. Each mentor is …

By Brian Miller
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Cell Mentor – Professional Development for Scientists

Cell Mentor is a collection of professional development resources provided by Cell Press, with the aim of helping scientists imagine career possibilities, learn technical skills, publish, and ultimately find jobs.

The press also hosts job listings for scientists covering many …

By Brian Miller
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Mentors, Projects, Deliverables: Internships and Fellowships for Doctoral Students in the Humanities

By Rachel Arteaga and Kathleen Woodward

Since 2013 new graduate internship programs have been announced from Florida to California, and practice-based fellowships have also proliferated. Both are welcome responses to today’s spirited national conversation on the changes absolutely necessary to …

By external content
external content external content
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Teach for China Fellowship (Teach for All)

Teach for China (TFC) is a non-profit organization, which tackles the serious imbalance of educational resources between urban and rural …

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