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Yawkey Community Service Funded Internship

The Yawkey Community Service Funded Internship was created in 2016 and funds Yale College undergraduates in nonprofit positions in the New England Area with a $5,000 stipend. These fellowships are supported by the Yawkey Foundation, which is committed to continuing the legacy of Tom and Jean Yawkey by making significant and positive impacts on the quality of life for children, families, and the underserved in the areas which the Yawkeys called home: New England and Georgetown County, South Carolina.

For information on the types organizations that have been funded in past years visit the Yawkey Foundation website. This can prove helpful for those who are seeking ideas on organizations to intern. The proposed fellowship does not need to be for one of the foundation’s grant recipients.

Internship Overview

Students need to propose the summer internship that they will be working and provide details on the potential employer, their interest and the potential job. Nothing needs to be secured in order to apply.

  • Student Eligibility: All current Yale students (first- years, sophomores, juniors and seniors) are eligible.
  • Position Eligibility: Community based nonprofit in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhod Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine (New England); 8 week, 30+hour week internship.
  • Application Portal: Yale Students Grants Database (keyword: Yawkey).
  • Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 10, 2024, 1 PM EST.
  • Internship Requirements: All fellows must:
    • Schedule a pre departure advising appointment with Jorimel Zaldivar.
    • Submit one social media post about their internship.
    • Submit an end of summer reflection report.

Yawkey Community Service Funded Internship

  • Proposed opportunity must be a community based nonprofit in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine (New England).
  • Must be strongly aligned with the Yawkey Foundation’s six Areas of Giving (Health Care; Education; Human Services; Youth and Amateur Athletics; Arts and Culture; Wildlife and Conservation).
  • Preference going to internship proposals that served the most disadvantaged/underserved areas/communities.
  • The internship does not need to be secured before the Yawkey Community Service Funded Internship application deadline. Because most nonprofit internships are not determined until middle- to late- spring, applicants may not have a secured internship by the application deadline which is fine.

Application Process

  • Applicants will apply through Yale Students Grants Database. Log into the database and search Yawkey to read the entire application process and requirements.
  • Applicant can detail up to three different internships to ask the committee to consider. For multiple proposed internships, rank their preference in the project proposal.
  • All of the following components of the application must be submitted by the deadline, including the letter of recommendation. Otherwise, your application will not be read by the committee:
    1. Project Proposal
    2. Personal Statement
    3. Resume
    4. Letter of Recommendation
  • For questions, please contact Jorimel Zaldivar


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