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The Office of Career Strategy is fortunate to have outstanding career advisors and administrators to provide the best advice and guidance for our students, alumni and employers. Students are encouraged to meet with any advisor to start the job search process, and as you progress in your search choose to meet with an advisor with deeper expertise in such areas of non-profit careers, government careers, applying to graduate school, and careers in the arts.

Staff List

Common Good and Creative Careers

Robyn Acampora

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Public Service Careers

Robyn joined the Office of Career Strategy in the fall of 2012 and is eager to meet with students who are at any point of their career exploration process. Robyn oversees the Common Good & Creative Careers team. She also manages a number of public service initiatives for the office including the Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship and Yawkey Fellowship. She is also the Office of Career Strategy liaison for student athletes. Before joining the Office of Career Strategy, Robyn spent seven years at Yale Law School’s Career Development Office as the Associate Director of Administration, where she worked on a number of public interest programs and was responsible for all postgraduate employment reporting. Robyn is a member of NACE, EACE and Net Impact. When she is not working, Robyn is typically enjoying pizza nights and dance parties with her husband, two children, dog, guinea pig and three fish.

Stephanie Glover

Senior Administrative Assistant

Stephanie joined the Office of the Office of Career Strategy in 1999. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Consumer Affairs in Management/Business Administration from Howard University. After graduating she worked as a fire and lawn equipment safety specialist with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Bethesda, MD. Stephanie has a passion for health & wellness/nutrition and will be pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Dietary Science at the University of New Haven in the fall. Stephanie lives in New Haven and when not at Yale she can be found gardening or working on a DIY project at home. She likes to travel, loves children and in her spare time she sings with her church choir and works with the Youth Ministry.

Stephanie J. L. Waite

Senior Associate Director

Stephanie joined the Office of Career Strategy in the spring of 2014 after serving as an Associate Director at Florida State University. She earned a B.A. in Philosophy and English from Flagler College and a M.S. in International Affairs and Conflict Studies from Florida State University. At Yale's Office of Career Strategy, Stephanie manages the Yale Summer Events in New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC program, supports students who are seeking internships and post-graduate employment in all industries, and focuses on Government and Education advising and programming. With a mission to put students first, Stephanie guides Yalies as they identify the ways in which they plan to contribute to the world. Stephanie is a member of NACE, Yale University representative for the AAUW, and during her free time, she enjoys playing designer board games, painting, and traveling.

Derek Webster

Associate Director for the Arts

After graduating from Yale as a film studies major, Derek spent a decade in Los Angeles as a literary manager and script consultant. He returned to New Haven as the Administrative Coordinator for Yale College Arts, where his experience working closely with the undergraduate arts community prepared him for his current role organizing and expanding the university’s arts career resources. When he’s not adventuring with his wife and four precious/precocious children, Derek is prone to the occasional burst of genre fiction: