Designing Your Success: Learn to Human Better - 4 part professionalization workshop series

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This event is co-sponsored by Yale’s Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life.

This Handel Group Edu series is designed to support you in staying focused on long-term dreams and motivating you to meet goals to achieve those dreams in the current moment. We look at keeping your ‘inner advisory board’ in check as you navigate a high degree of uncertainty for an extended period of time. Join us for all four of these workshops (which stand alone yet build on each other).

Workshop 1: Get Your Head Under New Management

Tuesday, October 27 @ 12pm – 1pm ET
Help get your mind under new management in the face of current events. Participants will learn how to catch negative thoughts in real-time, as well as learn a technique for how to ‘talkback’ to negative thoughts, beliefs and theories. Participants will leave the seminar with a technique for designing a day which gives direction to the day – not a simple ‘to do’ list – including a set of scheduling principles. This supports rapid and consistent movement out of the ‘continual
overwhelm’ cycle. Participants will also be provided with a 3-part framework to help enhance individual achievement of results and stay the course during turbulent times. We will cover:
● Thought-tracking and “talkbacks”
● Designing your day
● Tools for managing your time
● Promises and consequences

Workshop 2: Illuminating the Source of Results

Wednesday, November 4 @ 12pm – 1pm ET
This workshop trains participants in one of Handel Group’s core principles, Personal
Integrity™ , and lands each participant in being 100% accountable for their results. Participants will design intended outcomes, complete exercises that will allow them to not only see who they have been being in the past in connection to their results, but to create a new inspired and productive context moving forward in which to see themselves, their own leadership and others. The path to achieve the success they deeply desire becomes clear, specific and attainable. We will cover:
● Results
● Actions
● Inner Dialogue
● Reality
● How to accomplish your designed result

Workshop 3: Traits and How to Leash Them

Wednesday, November 11 @ 12pm – 1pm ET
This workshop deals with individual personality traits and styles of behavior. Participants will investigate the source of their own personality, and learn skills for developing effective traits and evolving negative traits which do not serve them. Participants will examine how personal traits impact success, as well as learn how to:
● Identify core traits
● Leash traits to remove obstacles
● Evolve traits to build a foundation consistent with a designed vision

Workshop 4: Powerful and Effective Communication

Tuesday, November 17 @ 12pm – 1pm ET
Often, our most important relationships are the most riddled with complexity, and the most significant and vital conversations are often the ones most avoided. This workshop trains participants in having effective, clear, direct, candid, and compassionate conversations. We address the preconceptions and misconceptions that often sabotage successful communication in both high stakes and everyday conversations. We also clear a path for the most important conversations to happen — the conversations that would not have occurred otherwise due to poor relationship dynamics, fear, or inertia. Included in this conversation will be:
● Why tell the truth—ask for what you want, have the hard conversation
● Framework for effective hard conversations
● Identifying the conversations you need to have

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