Taking Powerpoint to the next level & Think-Cell

In collaboration with the Graduate Consulting Club, Think-Cell will teach us how to create impressive professional presentations fast. During this workshop, they will show you how to take your ordinary “academic” PowerPoint presentation and turn it into a high-impact professional PowerPoint. Then, they will show you how to create these impressive PowerPoints in less than half the time you currently spend to create powerpoints, using think-cell.

Think-cell automates the creation of high-impact data-driven presentations. You have free access to think-cell as a student at Yale. Eight of the top 10 global management consulting firms, 80 of the Fortune 100, and 9 out of 10 of the top business schools use think-cell. Create 40+ chart types including waterfall, Gantt, and Marimekko in just 2-3 minutes each.

Learn more at www.think-cell.com and download think-cell at Yale here: https://yale.service-now.com/it?id=support_article&sys_id=ff5486b01b0b2b00232342e58d4bcbd5

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