YBC Externship Opportunities with Allyx&Cellinfinity

The Yale Biotech Club is excited to announce its inaugural externship program with Allyx Therapeutics and Cellinfinity Bio! The YBC externship program aims to provide students with a short-term, fast-paced opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in different careers.

Allyx Therapeutics is a clinical stage start-up company spun out of Professor Strittmatter’s laboratory at Yale. The goal is to develop disease modifying therapies for neurodegenerative diseases by treating the underlying cause of synapse loss and dysfunction. Through workshops, literature reviews and cross team collaboration, students will learn how Allyx can expand into other neurodegenerative indications and build research programs beyond Alzheimer’s disease.

Cellinfinity Bio is revolutionizing cell therapy by developing proprietary, next-generation technologies. The company pipeline consists of clinically engineered T cells, NK cells and other immune cells that have potent activity against multiple malignancies including solid tumors. There are three positions offered. First, as a part of company operations, students will have the opportunity to learn more about company operations and strategy, performing cost-analysis and budget management. On the bioinformatics team, students will learn how to mine public datasets to evaluate targets/proteins. In the third position, students will search the public IP landscape to discover other existing patents of interest.

Apply https://forms.gle/AocL1uphoyBm1btm7 if interested! To learn more about the externship, register https://forms.gle/T7JS9Mgr7xhR64xq8 for our Zoom info session on Monday, October 10, 6:00PM-6:30PM.

For more information, contact:
Yale biotech club
Yale biotech club

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