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About These Videos

The Office of Career Strategy, with support from the Center for Teaching and Learning, hosts an annual series of workshops for scholars interested in pursing a faculty career in academia.  For further support with the academic job search, graduate students and postdocs are advised to consult with their advisor, Faculty Placement Officer, and DGS.

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Understanding the Academic Job Search and Working with Your Mentor to Achieve Your Career Goals

This workshop will introduce you to the essential elements of planning for an academic career, including a discussion of the realities of the job market, identifying job opportunities, and determining your readiness to begin your job search. It will also cover strategies for cultivating a strong relationship with your mentor and advise on how and when to ask questions about the job search.

Preparing for Your Academic Job Search in the Humanities

This workshop will provide a general introduction to the academic job search in the humanities, touching on the job market cycle, preparing yourself to be ready for the job market, understanding how search committees work, and presenting yourself effectively for different types of institutions.

Basics of Preparing an Academic CV and Cover Letter

This workshop will introduce the major elements of an academic CV. It will discuss general guidelines to follow, the most common categories listed, and the best ways of presenting material. It will also look at the basic elements of an academic cover letter, review best practices and common mistakes, and discuss ways of tailoring your application.

Writing the Research Statement in the Sciences

This workshop will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of writing a research statement, including structure, purpose, best practices, and common mistakes. It will also include some discussion of the role played by the research statement in the broader job search and interview processes in the sciences.