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Application Timetable

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The following timetable is a guide for students who plan to apply to law school. The process typically begins during the first term of the students' junior year, or two years prior to applying. Students should plan to have their applications in to the law schools by November prior to their year of matriculation.

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is offered four times a year; June, September/October, December, and February. For additional information regarding the LSAT visit the official Law School Admission Councils website.


Junior Year or Two Years Prior To Matriculating

September - December
  • Sign up to receive prelaw related information from the Office of Career Strategy.
  • Build relationships with faculty members who later may write you letters of recommendation.
  • Consider attending the LSAC Law School Forum in either New York, Boston, or additional locations listed on
  • Register to take the LSAT in June.
June - August
  • Take the LSAT in June.
  • Begin drafting your personal statement and construct a resume to be included with your applications.
  • Research law schools; prepare a list of places to which you will apply.
September - October

Senior Year or 1 Year Prior to Matriculating

  • Check events listings on the Yale Career Link for upcoming law panels, law school visits, and law forums.
  • Discuss your school choices with the prelaw adviser.
  • Write a personal statement and have a final draft reviewed by several readers.
  • Obtain two academic and one professional letters of recommendation to be sent to CAS.
  • Take the Fall LSAT (if you are repeating it or did not take it in June).
  • Complete and begin submitting applications by late October into early November.
  • Submit your applications by late October - mid November.
  • Begin investigating sources of financial aid (federal, institutional, private).
  • Obtain financial aid applications and file as early as possible.
  • Check with the law schools to be sure that your files are complete.
  • Obtain a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from the financial aid office or from and file well before the deadline.
  • Have an updated transcript with your fall term grades sent directly to CAS
February- April
  • Evaluate offers of acceptance, deferrals, financial aid. Discuss with an adviser your waitlist options. You will not be required to place a deposit at any school until after April 1.