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Common Good & Creative Careers

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Common Good & Creative Careers (CGCC) supports Yale students interested in pursuing careers that make a difference and encourage their creativity. CGCC ensures that every Yale student exploring a career in the areas listed below are aware of the many resources available. CGCC covers careers in: Nonprofit, Government, Education, Arts (Architecture/Design, Entertainment, Fine and Visual, Literary, Theater and Performing) and Co​mmunications.


Point: Common G​ood & Creative Careers Events

CGCC manages a number of events, including alum speakers, workshops, employer information sessions, networking events and individual mentoring. To see all of our events, simply log into Yale Career Link, go to OCS Events and then select CGCC events.

Specialized Advising

CGCC is a team of four within OCS dedicated to providing career advice for students interested in careers within the following fields: Nonprofit, Government, Education, Arts (Architecture/Design, Entertainment, Fine and Visual, Literary, Theater and Performing) and Co​mmunications. Make an appointment to talk with one of our CGCC advisors.

Experiential Learning, Internships and Specialized Funding

OCS offers hundreds of prevetted employer contacts and internships, but also works closely with students to help them craft an experience to fit their unique interests. Check out the many options for experiential learning and internships. Yale's Common Good & Creative Careers Team manages the following funded internships: Paul Block Journalism Internships; Buckley Media & Public Policy Internships; Los Angeles Arts Internships; Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship; and the Yawkey Community Service Fellowship. More details on these and many more internship opportunities can be found here.

Career Fairs, Networking Events & Consortium Events

Throughout the year, OCS works closely with employers to host specialized industry events and individual company sessions where students can meet employer representatives and learn about their organizations. Visit the Employer Events page for more details about all the below events and more.

  • OCS Industry-Specific Recruiting Events: In lieu of one large career fair, OCS hosts multiple industry-specific recruiting events, which offer students the opportunity to connect with a variety of employers and learn about any available internship or full-time opportunities. Within the CGCC fields these events include: Advertising, Management & Marketing; Education; Government; Nonprofit; Common Good Careers; and Creative Careers.
  • All Ivy Environmental & Sustainable Fair: Each year, the Ivy League schools come together to produce an inspiring career fair to provide companies unparalleled access to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students with the skills and knowledge to address the complex sustainability challenges of our global economy.
  • Georgetown Nonprofit & Government Expo: This annual Government and Nonprofit Career EXPO brings top employers to Georgetown to recruit for internships and full-time jobs in a wide range of fields in the government and nonprofit sectors. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about careers in government and nonprofit and to network with employers. Many students have secured internships and full-time employment as a result of this annual event.
  • DC IMPACTlink: This off-campus recruiting event is organized by the Office of Career Strategy at Yale and four other schools. This event provides graduating seniors from Yale University, Brown University, Swarthmore College, Duke University and the University of Virginia the opportunity to interview with a select group of employers from the metropolitan DC area. This is a great event for students who are targeting the Washington, DC metropolitan area to live and work.

Travel Reimbursement for Nonprofit, Government Interviews & Arts Auditions (Yale College seniors)

In an effort to support students pursuing careers in the nonprofit, government and the arts sectors, OCS offers a travel reimbursement program to help offset costs associated with travel for interviews and/or auditions of Yale College graduating seniors. Each senior is allowed to submit travel rembursement requests for a total maximum reimbursement of $200 per student.Funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.