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Creative Careers

While Creative Careers can come with their own brand of unique challenges, they also offer some of the most engaging and impactful career opportunities you might consider. Our office looks forward to working with you to explore the many ways we can help you to identify and pursue your Creative Career goals.

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The career fields that comprise the communications industry serve as a vehicle to convey messages intended to inform, educate, persuade, or entertain the public. The development of new technologies has influenced the growth of these career fields by introducing new methods of shaping and disseminating information and thereby creating a number of new occupations and specialty areas. These constantly evolving fields remain competitive and demand that new professionals entering the fields are prepared academically and professionally through coursework and hands-on experience gained through internships or extracurricular activities.The Office of Career Strategy has grouped the following career fields under Communications but you will find that some will crossover into other career fields as well: