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Dara Rei Onishi '97 Fellowship

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NYU-Langone Summer Program for Kids

This fellowship supports two students engaging in education-related opportunities during the summer. The two recipients receive a stipend of $3,500 each, and are required to provide a written reflection on their internship experience for the Onishi family.  The application can be found under the Yale Students Grants and Fellowships database. 

Application Deadline: February 14, 2018, 5pm EST

Quote: I learned so much this past summer that I will carry with me, no doubt, a long, long way into the future. Having the chance to create and teach my own art curriculum to 80 brilliant young kids was a challenge unlike any I’ve had, and unlike any I could have found without the generosity of the Onishi family. I’m so grateful for the space for growth, reflection, and hands-on work that the Dara Rei Onishi Fellowship has made possible for me. After this summer, I feel more committed than ever to spending my life working with young students in public school settings.

Caroline Kanner, 2017 Onishi Fellow

Quote: I would not have been able to experience such an enriching and edifying summer without the support of the Onishi Family and the Dara Rei Onishi ’97 Fellowship. As a student on full financial aid, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to pursue this internship at the NYU Summer Program for Kids (SPK). I have gained such a unique clinical experience and my passion for the field has grown immensely. I know I will continue to draw on my experiences as a SPK counselor in my courses (this semester I am taking “Animal Models of Clinical Disorders” & “Developmental Psychopathology”)—as well as my future career.

Hong Bui, 2017 Onishi Fellow

Quote: I am interested in working in education policy because my life was improved drastically by nourishing educational systems that are not available to many students from communities like mine on the South Side of Chicago. I would like to thank the donors of the Dara Rei Onishi Fellowship for their generosity, and for making it possible for me to pursue the beginning of a career in education and public service. I look forward to putting to use the skills and knowledge that I gained this summer to positively affect systems that govern the experiences of students across the country.

Johnathan Terry, 2016 Onishi Fellow