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GSAS & Postdoc Event Calendar

Check out upcoming events and workshops for GSAS students and postdocs!

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Apply for Event Funding

Organizing a career-related event?  The Office of Career Strategy offers modest funding to registered graduate student or postdoc groups to support career-related activities.  Most funding awards are $200-$300, but may be higher depending on the size of the organization size and event. Interested? Contact Brian Frenette and fill out this form:

GSAS student and postdoc event funding request form

Post in our Newsletter

We welcome all events related to non-academic career exploration that are open to GSAS students and/or postdocs. Please note that all submissions are subject to review and approval.

Form to post your career-related event in our newsletter
Form to post your job or internship in our newsletter

Report your Internship Experience

If you have had an internship or part-time position either on or off-campus while a graduate student or postdoc at Yale, please let us know by filling out this brief questionnaire. The organization and position will be made available to fellow students and postdocs interested in such opportunitites.  All personal information is OPTIONAL!

Internship experience questionnaire for graduate students and postdocs

Request Permission for Summer Internship

Requests for summer internships are administered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The form may be found here:

Request for Summer Internship Form

Reserve Space at the Office of Career Strategy for Remote Interviews

Need a private space to have a remote interview with an employer? Use the sign-up sheet below to reserve time in Interview Room 366 at the Office of Career Strategy (55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor), using your Yale email address.  Please sign-up for enough time slots for the entirety of your interview (including set-up).

Note that you are responsible for bringing all necessary equipment (laptop, microphone, etc.), and there is no landline phone available in the room. Technical support from OCS staff during your interview will also not be available.  When you arrive at OCS for your scheduled time, you may go directly to Interview Room 366 and do not need to check in at the front desk or kiosk.