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Gaining Skills and Experience

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During your time at Yale, seek out experiences that will help you test careers and workplaces, or build marketable skills that will enhance your professional success. Be sure to consider your goals carefully; doing a self-assessment can help frame your thinking.


Try out Career Options

  • Try out different work environments: Consider the range of experiential learning opportunities, including job treks, job shadowing, part-time work, project-based assignments and internships.
  • Gain experience on-campus: Working in a leadership or administrative position for a student organization can support your professional development, provide insight into career functions, help develop project management and communication skills, and engage in productive teamwork. 

Professional Skill Building

Many campus organizations offer skill-building workshops open to students. Sign up for their newsletters, or investigate other opportunities in your areas of interest.  For more ways to develop your transferable skill set while on campus, click here!  

Tip:  Are you a GSAS student?

Be sure to review the extensive list of additional professional development opportunities available to graduate students on the GSAS website!

FAQ: Teaching

FAQ: Communications

FAQ: Design, Art, Media

FAQ: Business and Entrepreneurship

FAQ: Digital and Public Humanities 

FAQ: Statistics and Programming

Additionally, consider online resources to develop skills and boost your knowledge on a particular topic:

Event funding for non-academic career-themed events for GSAS/Postdoc organizations

Organizing a career-related event?  The Office of Career Strategy offers modest funding to registered GSAS or postdoc groups to support non-academic career-related activities.  Most funding awards are $200-$300, but may be higher depending on the size of the organization size and event. Interested? Contact Brian Frenette and fill out this form:

GSAS student and postdoc event funding request form