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Health Professions Evaluation

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2018 – 2019 Application Cycle

The Health Professions Evaluation (HPE) is a comprehensive, unique profile that accompanies each health professions school application submitted through the Health Professions Advisory Program at the Office of Career Strategy. This profile is developed as a result of materials submitted to HPAP and conversations with each applicant during the HPE interview.

The HPE interview provides an opportunity to discuss your background, motivation for the study and practice of medicine, and academic preparation at this meeting. If there are problem areas with your application to medical school (bad semester, disciplinary problem, etc.), please be open and honest with your interviewer, for the office can only present you in the most positive manner if you are candid.

HPE interviews take place between mid-February and late-April. Each applicant should prepare for this interview by completing an HPE form. This information will be used to prepare for your interview and to compose your evaluation.


Yale College students and recent alumni applying to health professions programs through the Office of Career Strategy are required to have a health professions evaluation interview. You must meet the following criteria to request an interview:

  • Yale College undergraduate or alums graduated 2015 or after. All other alumni are welcome to seek advice on applying for admission, but medical schools are less interested in an evaluation of your undergraduate experience.
  • Available to appear in-person on the scheduled interview date if you are in the area. Interviews will not be conducted by telephone. Alumni and undergraduates not in the area may have a Skype interview.

Submitting Materials

The following documents are required.

For applicants submitting the documents after February 5, 2018, email them to and schedule an appointment with an HPAP advisor at your convenience.

To schedule the HPE interview you must submit the required application materials between January 26 - February 5, 2018 only.  Please select the link and follow the instructions carefully: Document naming and submission instructions (PDF)

Scheduling an Interview

After your application materials have been approved by the HPAP Office you will receive an email and link to select an HPE interview slot. You will have until Thursday, February 8, 2018, to choose an open slot.  For additional information about the HPE interview contact the Health Professions Advisory Program at (203) 432-0818 or

Please Note

In accordance with the Family Rights to Privacy Act, applicants have the right to read letters of recommendation received and/or sent out about them. If you choose to have an open Yale University Health Professions Evaluation file, you may do so. Admissions committees, however, view confidential evaluations much more seriously, and the applicant should consider this very carefully since HPAP will inform the medical schools that you have NOT waived your right to read the letter.