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Humanities & Social Sciences PhD Pathways: Welcome!

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Talk on careers with social impact, sponsored by the Humanities & Social Sciences Professionalization Series.


The Yale Office of Career Strategy offers many resources to aid graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences in their professional development. From the time you arrive at Yale to your first job interview, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge, advising, networking events, and exclusive opportunities that can help you succeed.

Let us help you maximize your potential as you explore career paths and prepare to apply for jobs! Below you can find links to: a four-step plan for advancing your career goals during your PhD; information pertaining to our Humanities and Social Sciences Professonalization Series; a curated collection of job/internship opportunies at Yale and beyond; and resources for faculty advisors. 

  1. Career Resources in Four Stages
  2. Professionalization Series
  3. Professional Opportunities at Yale and Beyond
  4. Faculty Resources