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Identify and Research Options

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Doctors, lawyers and teachers are among the jobs we have all heard of, but there are thousands of other job titles and fields and more being created every day as industries evolve. Once you have done a self-assessment of your interests, values and skills, take time to explore and educate yourself on the range of career options, and be careful not to limit yourself to careers with which you are familiar.

Learn as much as you can about the employers within your field of interest, trends in the industry, and the latest industry news. Immerse yourself in the publications, websites and resources that professionals in the field follow. This will help you to develop your list of target employers, and prepare you to speak about the industry and your interest when networking and interviewing for positions.  The tools and resources below will get you started in this process, as will talking with an OCS Career Advisor who can explain how to make the most of these tools.

  • Resource Library:  
    Extensive searchable database compiled by the Office of Career Strategy with online resources on employers, industries, jobs for your specific interests.
  • Yale Career Network:  
    Database of 19,000+  Yale alums across all schools at Yale who have volunteered to connect with students about their careers. 
  • OCS career education panels and employer networking events:  
    Opportunities to connect on campus with alumni and employers from a broad range of industries.  
  • Common Good & Creative Careers:  
    OCS initiative to highlight opportunities in Nonprofit, Government, Education, Arts (Architecture/Design, Entertainment, Fine and Visual, Literary, Theater and Performing) and Communications.
  • PhD Pathways:  
    A collection of career discovery resources at Yale and online specifically for graduate students and postdocs. 
  • GSAS & Postdoc Alum Spotlight Series 
    Interviews with graduate and postdoc alums about their career paths outside of the academy and how their work at Yale contributed to their success.

Question: Industry vs. Job Function?

It is important to recognize the difference between industry and job function. Industry refers to a particular field, often named after its primary product or service, such as the Aerospace Industry or Technology Industry. Job functions are specific roles within an industry, such as an engineer, editor, or marketing expert. Most job functions are found across all industries. For example, if Jane Doe is a finance manager at Google she in the technology industry, but her job function is finance. The job function is the expertise you build and is therefore transferable throughout your career, often across various industries.


Connect with Yale College Peers and Alumni

Pin: Yale College Class Lists and Summer Peer Networking Lists: Available in the Yale Career Link (Resources, Document Library).

Yale Career Network: Alumni database to connect with alumni across Yale University.