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Reflect and Re-Evaluate

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During and after an internship or extracurricular experience, take time to evaluate the experience. When evaluating whether a career is right for you, you need to consider aspects that may be consistent from one employer to the next verses factors that will vary widely, even if you’re in the same role.

  • What was enjoyable? What was not?
  • Were there aspects of the experience that were challenging and aspects in which you excelled?
  • Make a list of what you liked and didn’t like about your experience, and then evaluate why.
  • Was it the work itself, or maybe something to do with the people that made it enjoyable? If your enjoyment had to do with the people you worked with, and not the work itself

There are times in this process that you will feel frustrated or overwhelmed, like you are no closer to finding direction than you were when you started. If you’re going through the process, you are making progress. Each area of interest you explore and check off your list takes you one step closer to narrowing down your options that are a good fit. If you’re taking time to reflect, you’re also learning more about the type of work and environment you will find most satisfying. 

Tip: Every experience is a learning opportunity and is getting you closer to the best career path for you.