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Designing Your Career @Yale

Networking is one of the skills exercised during the program.

Designing Your Career @ Yale guides students to explore possible career futures, take proactive steps to test career interests, move from contemplation to action, and become a part of a growing community of life designers.

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The Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society hosted a workshop at the CEID on finding a summer internship.

OCS invites Yale Student Organizations to request career development workshops for their members – an initiative meant to meet your needs! All student organizations in Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, or whose members include postdocs are welcome to request a workshop (this includes the cultural centers, athletic teams, Greek-letter organizations, performance, political, cultural, and pre-professional groups, faculty and staff).

Point: FroCos, consider joining with fellow FroCos to host a workshop for your first-year students!  Please make note of this in the web form request.

We offer eleven pre-designed workshops (see descriptions below) that are essential throughout the job/internship search process; these can be offered for students at any stage of their search. Please read through the following information to learn more.

What do we offer as Advisers?

Career Strategy advisers are available to work with individual student organizations to offer one or more of our pre-designed workshops. Do you feel your members would benefit from a resume or cover letter workshop? Do some of your members need tips and advice on salary negotiation? We’ll assign an adviser to your workshop request and will then work with you to determine the best time and date. While these workshops do not include 1:1 advising, many include interactive components where students will leave with key action items to move forward their job/internship search. 

What are your responsibilities as the Student Organization?

Student organizations that would like to have a Career Strategy workshop for their members must first complete the workshop request web form (see below).  It must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the requested workshop and is dependent upon adviser availability (we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request). The Office of Career Strategy recommends that workshops take place Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.

Tip: Consider collaborating with 1-2 other student organizations!  This is a great way to share resources, and can help to ensure an advisor is available.

After your request is received, an adviser will contact your student organization within three business days to confirm the exact date and time of the workshop. The student organization is responsible for securing the location (if you would like the workshop to be at the Office of Career Strategy, please ask the assigned adviser). Once the logistics are set, we ask the student organization to promote it to their members so that at least 10 students are in attendance. Each student organization is limited to one workshop per month. If you would like to co-host a workshop with another group, please note this in the Workshop Request web form.

Point: OCS is now offering a new time slot - 12-2pm - with pizza provided! There are several additional logistics the student organization must take into account if they select this option:

  1. Secure a location that is food friendly.
  2. Provide a cell phone number in the notes section of your request - this is the number OCS will provide the caterer so the student contact and the caterer can communication directly with one another during delivery.
  3. Attendance for workshops with pizza will be capped at 30.
  4. OCS will provide pizza - the student organization will be responsible for soda or any other food items.

Workshop Descriptions

  • Resume Workshop (target audience: undergraduates): A resume is often the first document an employer sees, so it needs to make a positive impression. This workshop provides information on writing impactful resumes; it does not include one-on-one advising.
  • Cover Letter Workshop: This workshop will highlight the fundamental components involved in developing an effective cover letter for employers. It will explore tips to ensure you are connecting your experiences and background to the requirements of the role(s) you are pursuing. The workshop does not include one-on-one advising.
  • Your Summer Internship Search (target audience: undergraduates): This workshop covers the services, resources and summer programs available through the Office of Career Strategy. It addresses how to get started in a summer internship search, the options available to Yale students, and what the timeline for an internship search should look like.
  • Salary Negotiation: Learn effective techniques used in salary negotiation. Whether you have negotiated before, or if this is your first time, we'll provide guidance on how to be objective, persuasive, and strategic. This workshop is suggested for seniors in Yale College or MA/PhD students in the last year of their program.
  • Telling Your Story for Interviews and Networking Events: In a job or internship search, your story – which includes a brief statement of your background and interests – plays a valuable role; it is often the first data point employers have about your candidacy. As such, it is critical to take the time to examine your skills and experiences to best present them. This session will help participants to create (or refine) your story so you can make the best first impression in any situation.
  • Preparing for Interviews: In this workshop, we help you develop strategies to prepare for interviews and to consider the ways to best position your previous internships and experiences to employers. For those who are new to interviewing, this session will provide an understanding of the types of interviews one can encounter and the differences in interviewing approaches among industries.
  • Networking: In this workshop, we discuss strategies for establishing and building your network within your field of interest. You’ll learn about research methods to uncover more contacts and successful approaches to reaching out to individuals within and outside of your network.
  • Designing Your Career @Yale (target audience: undergraduates): You’re here.  Now what?  What will you do after you graduate?  Which career paths make sense for you?  If these questions are swirling in your mind, and you are unsure how to approach them, Designing Your Career @ Yale is for you. Using Stanford University’s innovative approach, you’ll learn how to apply design thinking tools and ideas to explore your possible career futures and take proactive steps to test your career interests. Note: This workshop is available for Yale College sophomores, juniors, and seniors. A 5-hour time commitment is required.
  • Your Career Strategy 101 (target audience: undergraduates): This workshop will help you develop a strategy for your job/internship search and inform you about the ways to pursue opportunities through both on- and off-campus recruiting. You’ll learn how to reach out to contacts and conduct research to uncover more contacts, job/internships opportunities, and information.
  • CV to Resume Conversion (target audience: GSAS/Postdoc): Are you interested in learning how to turn your academic CV into a professional resume that employers outside of academia will prefer? Come learn how to identify your transferable skills and how to strategically structure your resume to highlight your unique qualifications.
  • Non-Academic Job Search (target audience: GSAS/Postdoc): Have you decided to seek employment in a non-academic industry after graduation, but are not sure where to start? Have you made attempts at applying to positions and networking with minimal results? This workshop is designed to help set you on the path to gainful employment in the non-academic realm and will guide you through the philosophical and practical elements of an effective career search.
  • Plan and Manage Your Career Development (target audience: GSAS/Postdoc):  This workshop helps clarify how the use of career assessment tools such as myIDP or ImaginePhD can help you identify and prioritize professional goals and construct an actionable strategy to achieve them.  We will review the career decision making process, highlight resources aimed at exploring careers, and how to identify concrete actions to accomplish your goals.