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Take Action and Try Options

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Reading about a career provides valuable insight, as does talking with professionals in the field, but trying the position through internships or extracurricular involvement will give you first-hand perspective. In addition, gaining experience will allow you to develop marketable and transferrable skills that will help you for future opportunities. Consider the following ways to gain experience and connect with a career advisor to discuss which option is best for you: 

  • Start your search for internships by exploring the many tools available on the Internship Section of the Office of Career Strategy website.
  • There are many ways to get involved at Yale, in the New Haven area, or during breaks that will allow you to try your interests and gain skills in a particular area.
  • The range of career fields represented at Yale mirrors those found off-campus. Yale has staff working in areas ranging from real estate development to media production, publishing to art conservation.
  • Student organizations and nonprofits have a variety of roles you can fill. For example, consider publications on campus which need writers/reporters, staff to manage finances, develop multimedia content, create illustrations and take pictures, oversee design and layout, liaise with the printer and manage distribution of the publication, maintain the website, solicit sponsorship, and generate ad revenue. 
  • Courses that have a fieldwork, research, capstone project or other practical component allow you to gain relevant experience and apply the knowledge and skills you’re gaining in the classroom. 

Tip: After you have thoroughly researched career opportunities that interest you, it’s time to try them out and gain some experience.