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Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowships

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The Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship (YACSF) program is an internship program that places students in paid eight-week community service positions throughout the United States. This program was initiated in 1989 and allows students to work in substantive positions within nonprofit organizations. The program has a close partnership with the local Yale Alumni Clubs who support the positions in their particular location. The stipend for this fellowship is $2,800.


Quote: The Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowship experience was easily one of the most valuable experiences I have had throughout my time at Yale, and has served to provide me a lot of necessary experience and direction as I look to start my career. Furthermore, the time spent and memories made with the people I worked and live with will stay with me forever and some of the most enjoyable moments of my life. I have been introduced to new things and ideas that will stay with me forever. Wherever I go, I will be sure to bring a little bit of the arctic with me from now on.

Peter Gerson ’17, Finance Intern for Renewable Energy Alaska Project, Anchorage, Alaska

Application Requirements

Current undergraduates who are not in their final year of study are eligible to apply. Participants are expected to work full time for the entire eight weeks of the fellowship.

Program Requirements

All participants are required to attend a Pre-departure meeting and a Re-Entry session when they return to Yale in the fall. At the completion of the fellowship, participants will be responsible for writing a 1-2 page project report, highlighting their experience over the summer.

Application Process

To apply you must first view the Office of Career Strategy Internship Program Tutorial located in the Document Library of Symplicity. Applicants will apply through Symplicity. Internships will be viewable in Symplicity on December 1, 2017. To search for the Yale Alumni Community Service Fellowships in Symplicity, go to Job Postings, "More Filters" - Yale Coordinated Internship filter the type "YACSF" in the keyword search. A Resume and Cover Letter are required for each position. Some positions may require additional materials which would be indicated in the individual job posting on Symplicity. Many interviews will conduct phone or skype interviews after the February deadline. Offers will be extended as early as February 20, 2018.

Application Deadline: Most YACSF positions are due Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 9:30 am EST. However, additional YACSF positions may continue to be added and their deadlines will be later. Continue to check Yale Career Link to make sure you have the correct deadline.

Required Documents: Typically employers ask for a resume and cover letter.


In most cases, housing is provided for participants who reside with a Yale host family. For complete details, carefully review the job description of each opportunity of interest. Participants are responsible for providing their own meals and for meeting their own travel and transportation needs. Depending on your proximity to work, you may share a ride, walk, use public transportation, or even bring a bike.

Quote: I grew professionally in many regards. I learned how to conduct tours and advocate for an organization that is doing amazing work. I got to experience just how vital social media is to an organization in the 21st century and see how much of a generation gap there is in the ability to use social media. I learned how to really work a crowd, network, and meet amazingly genuine people along the way. Further, I learned that working with youth, specifically underrepresented minorities, and seeing them excel in different skill sets was something that warmed my heart in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

Hawa Adula ’19, Communications and Marketing Intern, Juxtaposition Arts