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Over the summer, students in Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences have the opportunity to connect with peers and Yale alums. Each Spring, OCS hosts a location survey in the Yale Career Link, through which students can indicate where they will be over the summer and if they would like to connect with Yale alums in that area. OCS will then send your name and email to the local Yale Alum Club and you will be included in any events hosted over the summer. 

Point: Summer 2020: Connect with Alums (By Location)

  • Survey in Yale Career Link opens late Spring 2020

Summer events often include panels on careers in a number of industries, conversations with renowned individuals from around the world, trips to shows, museums, concerts, potluck picnics, charity events, and socials. In summer 2020, students:

  • Social Networking with YaleWomen NYC (New York)
  • Conversation with Dean Glied from the NYU School of Public Service (New York)
  • Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance Welcome Event (D.C.)
  • Dinner with Dr. Hui Hsing-Wong, M.D., J.D. SM'88 (D.C.)
  • Student-Alumni Gathering with the Yale Club of San Francisco (San Francisco)
  • Welcome Mixer with Yale in Hollywood (Los Angeles)
  • Annual Yale v. Harvard Mixed Football (Soccer) Match (London)
  • Bowling with the Yale Club of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Note: Legal notice: There will be alcohol at some Yale Summer Events. For those under 21 who attend events open to all ages where alcohol is served, such as happy hours and barbeques, you are reminded that the U.S. law forbids anyone under 21 from consuming alcohol. Students in attendance at these events acknowledge that Yale University is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to a student who does not abide by this law.

Yale Summer Events Speaker: Kennedy Gachiri

Watch Yale alum, Kennedy Gachiri's TEDxNYU talk.