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Academic Credit & Letters of Support

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Once you secure your experience, you may find the employer needs additional information to finalize your employment or, if applicable, secure your work visa. Below sets out some standard employer requests and how OCS can help.


Academic Credit Letters

In some instances, organizations may ask that interns receive academic credit as a form of compensation for their work. Yale College has a policy that may allow a student to apply their summer experience toward credit for independent study at Yale. Upon request, the Office of Career Strategy is able to provide a letter explaining this policy to an employer. The majority of organizations have accepted this policy letter without reservation.

Note: This policy is not unique to Yale; it is shared by many other institutions and broadly accepted across multiple industries.

This letter states that a Yale College sophomore, junior, or senior whose previous academic record is satisfactory may be eligible to undertake an Independent Study for course credit, for which the student's internship experience serves as a foundation for research, higher level course discussion, and relevant term projects. Students who participate in an internship during the summer or while on leave of absence from Yale College may enroll in an Independent Study with the requisite approval of the relevant department, provided they have not exceeded the number of independent study courses allowed within that term or during their time at Yale.

Furthermore, the letter clarifies expectations that students and internship sponsors understand that certain criteria must apply in order for the intern to not be considered an employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act and therefore not required to be compensated for the hours worked.

International Internships: Letters of Support

International employers may ask the intern for a letter of support from their school stating simply that the student has an internship with the organization during the summer academic holiday. Others are more specific; for example, employers in France ask interns for a convention de stage signed by the employer, the intern, and Yale. If any of these documents are required of you, please contact the Office of Career Strategy.

Tip: If you are asked to provide proof of enrollment, please contact the University Registrar's Office, and allow 3-5 days for processing and mailing.