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International Summer Award (ISA)

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Students who secure international internships may apply to receive International Summer Award (ISA) funding. Eligible internships may include those offered by Preferred Yale Partners, those secured through your own search, or a third party internship provider. They may include research internships in a laboratory, internships in the private or public sector, in a nonprofit or for-profit organization.

Students seeking funding are encouraged to visit the Financial Literacy: Managing Your Money at Yale resources to find important tips on budgeting, taxes and other considerations.

The summer 2020 application will open on November 1, 2019 in Yale Career Link.



Please review the general ISA eligibility. Furthermore, to receive an ISA for an internship the opportunity must:

  • be at least 8 weeks in length at one employer,
  • be fully completed in a country other than the student's home country,
  • be full-time (at least 30 hours/week),
  • have a designated supervisor/mentor for the intern in the workplace. 

Note: The Yale Travel Policy applies to all International Internships.

Students who receive an ISA for an approved international internship must complete short reflection prompts regarding the internship, located in Yale Career Link.

ISA Information

Students must review the full International Summer Award website. Students will find the ISA Funding 101 video, as well as information on taxability of the ISA, required use of funds, the application process and deadline, required report, and more. Should the internship become eligible for ISA funding, the student must abide by all ISA processes and policies. 

Students with internships in locations with a pre-approved ISA budget should review the 2019 ISA Estimated Budget for International Internships approved budget standards. OCS will use CIPE budget standards for flights, meals, and any immunizations required. The budget includes: housing, airfare, food, health, visa (if needed), and local commute.

It may take at least 6 weeks to receive the ISA check. 

Date: Please attend an ISA Information Session.  

Tip: The ISA is intended to cover a percentage of the program's set budget, and may not cover all expenses of the experience.

  • Students receiving an ISA may also apply for other funding to support their experience. If additional funding is awarded, students must inform the Center for International and Professional Experience at
  • In situations where ISA and fellowship, scholarship, and/or salary funding exceed 100% of the total program cost, the ISA amount will be reduced so that the student does not receive from all sources more than 100% of the program budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can I use the ISA for an opportunity provided through a third-party internship provider?

Yes, however programs with an academic course or classroom component will not be accepted for consideration; please contact the OCS if there are any questions in regards to this.

Third-party internship providers are fee-based programs that provide internship placements, housing (sometimes included in the fee), visa support, emergency support, cultural and professional activities, and other infrastructure that may not be found in an internship secured directly with a company.  Placements are generally made through a matching process, rather than a student applying directly to an employer. For many third-party internship providers, a student is first accepted into the program, and then a customized placement is secured by matching the student's skills and interests with their network of employers and positions. Their advisors work with students to determine the best fit, so it is important to be flexible and open-minded should you choose this route, as not all students receive their first choice internship placement.

In choosing a fee-based internship provider, consider the reputation of the program, the quality of the internships and any other professional/cultural experiences, and the purpose of the program fee (where does this money go specifically). It will also be helpful to look for program reviews from sources other than the organization’s website; organizations may feature great videos or quotes from past participants on their websites, so it is good to try and find reviews elsewhere, too.

Students must research third-party internship providers independently to understand costs, program structure, locations, timelines, whether the internship placements offer a stipend, etc. If a student decides a third-party internship provider meets their needs, they may apply to the program directly through their individual website.  Students may be required to submit a third-party program fee/deposit before receiving ISA funding. Please note, third-party internship providers have not been vetted by the Office of Career Strategy. Students who participate in a third-party internship program with ISA funding take full responsibility for due diligence of the program. You may wish to review NAFSA's guide to vetting providers, which includes specific questions to ask. 

FAQ: When should I submit my international internship to OCS for ISA approval?

We suggest submitting your internship to OCS for review as soon as it is confirmed by you and your employer/program. You do not need to wait until the April 15 deadline.

FAQ: Can the ISA cover personal travel within the country (e.g. sightseeing)?

No, the ISA does not cover personal travel.

FAQ: Can the internship be more than 8 weeks?

Yes, the internship can be more than 8 weeks. It must be with the same organization and full-time. Please use the CIPE Budget Standards to calculate your food budget, and to see the standard airfare.

FAQ: If I submit my international internship to OCS for ISA approval, is that all I need to do?

No, that is the first step.  After submitting your international internship to OCS for ISA-eligibility approval, students will receive notification that the internship has been approved, or if they need to provide additional information. Upon approval of an international internship for ISA funding, a student must then apply for the ISA.

FAQ: What about two 6-week internships at different companies?  Or a 2-week internship plus an 8-week internship?

The internship must be at one employer for at least 8 weeks. The ISA is for one internship that is at least 8 weeks in length taking place at one organization.

FAQ: Does international research with a Yale professor qualify?

No, the student must be employed by an international university or research lab.

Process to Apply & Timeline

To apply for ISA funding for an international internship:

  1. Secure your internship placement or acceptance to a third-party internship provider program.
  2. Send your Host Organization Verification Form to your direct supervisor for them to complete. The form is available in Yale Career Link on your homepage under the "Yale College Summer Experiences" section on the right.
  3. Complete the International Internship ISA-eligibility application in Yale Career Link by Monday, April 15, 2019. The application is available in the My Account > Professional Experiences section.
  4. Students will be informed of their ISA approved budget within 10 business days of submitting an application.
  5. Students must then apply for the ISA.

General information asked in the International Internship ISA-eligibility application:

  • Internship: name of organization (or third party internship provider), organization website, internship title, stipend
  • Logistics: dates, weekly hours, country and city of the internship
  • Supervision: supervisor's name, title, phone, and email
  • Third Party Provider: Is the internship through a third-party internship provider? You will be asked to select yes or no. If yes: please enter the name of program in the space for the employer/organization, and your contact's name, title, phone, and email in the sections for 'supervisor'.
  • Advising: Did you meet with an OCS advisor during your internship search process? You will be asked to select yes or no.
  • Short Reflection: Describe how the internship will help you explore your current personal, profession, and academic goals. Minimum 200 words (max 300).
  • Host Organization Verification Form: Upload the Host Organization Verification Form, completed by your supervisor (if you are participating in a third party provider program, please have your contact complete it with the organizations matching process and how they have engaged with you to date). It is available in the "Yale College Summer Experiences" section on the right side of your Yale Career Link homepage.
  • Budget: total estimate alongside specific breakdown of costs
  • Electronic Agreements: Assumption of Risk & Waiver, reviewed ISA information

Point: If you have been accepted to a third-party internship provider program but do not yet know your placement, please use the organization contact as your supervisor while completing the application.



Work Authorization for the UK

Students who do not already have work authorization for the UK must enroll in BUNAC for Tier 5 work authorization sponsorship. The Tier 5 work authorization process takes 3 months, so plan ahead! Contact to get started.