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Interview Preparation

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An interview serves both you and the employer. The employer will be evaluating not only your technical skills and qualifications, but also your fit with the organization, your communication skills, and composure and professionalism. In addition, an interview is an opportunity for the employer to find out what motivates you and to assess your genuine interest in their work. Equally importantly, an interview gives you the chance to assess an organization and determine if it is a good fit with your interests and goals. 

The key to a successful interview is research and practice!  Begin by reviewing our interviewing tips:

Tip:  Did You Know?

Vault Career Guides and Vault Interviewing Advice Guides provide interviewing advice for specific industries or fields.  Register to use this free resource for Yale students and postdocs.

Graduate Students are encouraged to check out Versatile PhD, with narratives by individual PhDs about their job application process including interviewing experience with specific employers.

In addition, take advantage of the many different ways to practice interviews:

Tip: Yale College Graduating Seniors Travel Reimbursement

OCS offers a travel reimbursement program to help offset costs associated with travel for interviews with a non-profit organzation, government entity or arts audition. Each Yale College senior is allowed to submit one request for a maximum reimbursement of $200 per student. Funds are limited and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.