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With our new online collection of videos, you can hear from Yale alumni, staff, and other distinguished panelists as they discuss their career paths and offer advice on getting started with an pursuing a career.

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Medical School Secondary Applications Best Practices

Cat will discuss common themes of secondary application questions. Andrew will discuss how to approach the writing involved in secondary applications. In addition to tactics for composing the essays, he will describe some strategies applicants can use to demonstrate the ways in which they could be a good fit for specific kinds of schools and programs. Elias and Sammy will give some advice on what is needed to complete the secondary applications effectively and within a reasonable time period.

Might You be Interested in Graduate School? Applications 101

It is never too late to get back into the classroom. Whether it has been a couple of years or over a decade, this webinar discusses the important considerations and steps to take when applying to graduate school in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. It reviews the timeline for graduate applications, from selecting programs and soliciting letters of recommendation, to writing personal statements and attending interviews. The right (and wrong) reasons to attend grad school, financial considerations, and differences between a Masters and a Ph.D. are also discussed. At the end of this webinar you will hae all the tools you need to start your graduate school applications.

Careers in the Visual Arts: Engaging a University Community

The role of connecting students and the community with the breadth of sophisticated opportunities for arts engagement at Yale is no small task. This panel discussion will focus on four Yale professionals in the visual arts, exploring their current positions and the diverging career paths that brought them there.

Moving Up the Career Ladder: 3 Essential Skills to Create High-Performing Teams, Stand-Out, and Get Promoted

Jo Ilfeld, PhD, presents a refreshing and frank workshop about the leadership skills you need to skyrocket your influence and project executive presence in the workplace. You'll walk away from this webinar with practical strategies to use right away from this webinar with practical strategies to use right away to shift the way colleagues, managers and direct reports respond to you. You'll understand how to quickly build influence and master the subtle signals of executive presence. You'll learn how-to strategies for creating and standing-out on strong, high-performing teams.

The 411 on Financing Medical School

Desiree will discuss best practices to be financially prepared for Medical School (such as budgeting, federal vs. institutional funding, etc.), plus provide helpful online resources to understand the financial aid process.

Yale Career Panels: A Candid View of Drama and Film

A survey of shared and distinct concerns within the entertainment and theater industries from the perspective of practicing alums.

Yale Career Panels: A Candid View of the Architecture Profession

An open and honest view of the Architecture industry from the perspective of successful alums in the field.

Understanding the Academic Job Search and Working with Your Mentor to Achieve Your Career Goals

This workshop will introduce you to the essential elements of planning for an academic career, including a discussion of the realities of the job market, identifying job opportunities, and determining your readiness to begin your job search. It will also cover strategies for cultivating a strong relationship with your mentor and advise on how and when to ask questions about the job search.

Preparing for Your Academic Job Search in the Humanities

This workshop will provide a general introduction to the academic job search in the humanities, touching on the job market cycle, preparing yourself to be ready for the job market, understanding how search committees work, and presenting yourself effectively for different types of institutions.

Basics of Preparing an Academic CV and Cover Letter

This workshop will introduce the major elements of an academic CV. It will discuss general guidelines to follow, the most common categories listed, and the best ways of presenting material. It will also look at the basic elements of an academic cover letter, review best practices and common mistakes, and discuss ways of tailoring your application.