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Common Good & Creative Careers

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Common Good & Creative Careers (CGCC) supports Yale students interested in pursuing careers that make a difference and encourage their creativity. CGCC ensures that every Yale student exploring a career in the areas listed below are aware of the many resources available.

CGCC covers careers in:

Nonprofit, Government, Education, Arts (Architecture/Design, Entertainment, Fine and Visual, Literary, Theater and Performing) and Co​mmunications.

Point: Common G​ood & Creative Careers Fall 2017 Events

This list includes over 60 events that CGCC is offering for this fall semester. They include alumni speakers, workshops, employer information sessions, networking events and individual mentoring sessions.

Common Good & Creative Careers: Offerings

Specialized Advising

CGCC is a team of four within the Yale’s Office of Career Strategy dedicated to providing career advice in the areas listed above. Click here to read more about them and to make an appointment.

Opportunities through Internships, Fellowships and Yale Trek Programs

Career Fairs, Networking Events & Consortium Events

Industry Focused Workshops

Including alumni panels, workshops, and a "What is?" Series. You can also view our vast library of Career Videos.


Including Travel Reimbursement for Nonprofit and Government Interviews/Arts Auditions (for seniors only); The Public Service/Public Interest Exception; the Workforce Recruitment Program and more. Seniors Seeking Common Good & Creative Careers Work is also now available! Sign up now to receive these weekly post-graduate job postings. Log into Yale Career Link, My Account – Personal, scroll down to the bottom; Please Indicate Your General Career Preference(s) question, select: ‘Seniors seeking CGCC work'.