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Job Shadowing and Yale Treks

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Where will Job Shadowing and a Yale Career Trek take you?

The Job Shadowing and Yale Career Trek Program is designed for career exploration and provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn more about professional opportunities in a given career field. Through a "day-in-the-life" or job shadowing experience, the program provides practical understanding of daily life in a given industry, career path, or profession.


What have Job Shadowing and Yale Career Treks helped students accomplish?

The primary intent of these experiences are for students to learn more about their career interests in the settings in which they might be working after graduation. Students are not required or expected to have prior work experience or specific job skills to participate. Past participants have engaged in activities such as:

  • Presentation on how different business functions work together to create brands at Procter & Gamble
  • One week of hands-on experience with Teach for America
  • Tea tasting and a presentation on sustainability at Unilever
  • A presentation on big data and business at Priceline
  • Mock interviews with the finance team at Yale's Office of Financial Planning

How long does a Job Shadowing or Yale Career Trek experience last?

Employer site visits typically last between 4-7 hours, depending on the organization.

What happens during Job Shadowing or a Yale Career Trek?

Each itinerary will vary, but some common activities include:

  • Networking with Yale alumni and/or employees of the organization 
  • One-on-one job shadowing with Yale alumni and/or employees of the organization
  • One-on-one informational meetings with Yale alumni and/or employees of the organization
  • Presentations on the firm or industry trends
  • Panels 
  • Tours of the office

Where do Job Shadowing and Yale Career Treks take place?

OCS partners with companies and organizations throughout the United States, predominately in large cities and their surrounding areas. For a list of upcoming Job Shadowing and Yale Career Trek opportunities, visit Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity in late January/early February.  Use the Advanced Job Search feature and then 'Show Me' Yale Treks. 

Firms participating this year include:  Axiom Learning, Bloomberg, Huron Life Sciences, Jane Street, Refinery 29, Scarsdale High School, The Boston Globe...see Yale Career Link for the full list.

How can students apply for these program?

Students will need to submit a resume and cover letter through Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity.  Go to Jobs/Advanced Search/Show Me/Yale Treks.  Applications will be accepted through February 24.

When do Job Shadowing and Yale Career Treks take place?

The Yale Career Trek Program will take place during spring recess, March 13-24, 2017.

Who is eligible to attend this program?

The program is open to all undergraduates, as well as students from the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

What costs are students responsible for?

Students are responsible for all traveling expenses associated with this program.

Is there a dress code?

Students are required to wear business casual attire, unless otherwise stated by the employer.

Do students have any post-job shadowing/trek responsibilities?

Students will be required to complete a survey through the Office of Career Strategy following their trek.

Please contact with any additional questions.