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If you are starting to explore your career options, acquiring further insight into your interests, skills, personality and values can be a valuable first step. Understanding these traits can help you make informed decisions about career planning and narrow your career search.

The Office of Career Strategy offers students and postdocs access to resources that can allow you to self-assess your various individual skills, values, interests, and personality.  Greater awareness of these areas can prove helpful while exploring various career fields.  While we acknowledge the limitations of such tools, these can be a great first step!

  • Values, Interests, and Skills:  Developed by Yale's Office of Career Strategy Advisors, this section of the Career Strategy workbook will guide you through the identification of your values, interests, and skills and how they relate to sectors, industries, and job functions.  Sample language is also provided to help students as they prepare to speak with others about their interests and career-related plans. After you identify your values, interests, and skills, the workbook then offers next steps you can take in the career exploration process.
  • Pymetrics:  Play a series of quick and fun neuroscience games to assess cognitive and personality traits, making it easier than ever to understand where your inherent characteristics can lead to success!  You can participate in these activities here.

In addition to these resources, we highly recommend that GSAS students and postdocs utilize our advising appointments as a means to further investigate the ways in which one’s values, interests, and skills can connect to any number of industries and/or job functions.