Higher Education

Post-Secondary/Higher Education Teaching

Postsecondary teachers educate students in diverse academic subjects and vocational areas that extend beyond the high school level. Teaching positions in colleges and universities require a PhD, and at minimum, a master’s degree for a community college. Aside from teaching, they also conduct research and publish academically. The education requirements vary with the subject taught and the type of academic institution. In additional to a degree, work experience may be important for obtaining a teaching position in a technical or trade school.

Keep Current on Issues

Read publications like the Chronicle of Higher EducationConnected Academics, and Inside Higher Ed to keep up with the current issues that universities are facing and the roles that administrators play in their resolution.

Find Positions

Conduct Informational Interviews

An excellent way to learn about careers in higher education is to talk to alums who have chosen this path. Explore Cross Campus and the Peer Networking Lists in Yale Career Link to find alums who have worked in higher education.