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Designing Your Career @Yale

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Since Fall 2017, Yale's Office of Career Strategy has hosted 10 DYC@Yale Programs

Designing Your Career @ Yale

You’re here.  Now what?  What will you do after you graduate?  Which career paths make sense for you?  If these questions are swirling in your mind, and you are unsure how to approach them, Designing Your Career @ Yale is for you.

Using Stanford University’s innovative approach of applying Design Thinking principles to life and career decision-making, a team of advisors at the Office of Career Strategy hosts 1/2-day long workshops to help students:

  • Explore possible career futures
  • Take proactive steps to test career interests, moving from contemplation to action
  • Become a part of a growing community of life designers

Design thinking can help you create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling, regardless of background and identity, or what your interests might be.

Spring 2020 Programs: February 14 (application deadline: Jan. 31); February 28 (application deadline: Feb. 14)

Note: 100% of surveyed participants think this program is valuable for all Yale College students.

Quote: The reflection of my personal worldview and workview make me aware of my inner motivation. I believe I could make a more proper decision at a future crossroad.

-Summer 2019 DYC @Yale Participant

Quote: I really appreciated how considerate and vulnerable our instructors were. It was clear that they understood the pressure, frustration and indecision that chains down students from taking a more proactive role in their academic studies and in shaping their careers.

-Fall 2018 DYC @ Yale Participant

Quote: This program has taught me (1) that it is alright to be uncertain about the future, (2) how to approach the uncertainty and solve the problems it causes, (3) even if now is not the right time for something, the future might be, (4) how to brainstorm effectively, etc., etc. – all of which can be applied to multiple aspects of my life.

-Fall 2017 DYC @ Yale Participant

Quote: I have more confidence in pursuing a career that does not have a single path. I am more motivated to try something different and take a riskier route. The class made me reconsider if what I thought was risky was actually risky.

-Spring 2018 DYC @ Yale Participant

Designing Your Career @ Yale is generously supported by The Hastings Foundation.