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Job and Internship Offer Guidelines

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The following guidelines have been created to balance the needs of both students and employers.  These guidelines apply to all employers, on or off campus, interviewing Yale University students.

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy recommends that employers provide Yale students four (4) weeks to decide on an offer or until the date below, whichever is later.

  • Employers extending full time offers as a result of a previous summer internship, and employers extending offers through the fall (including offers for summer 2021 start dates) are encouraged to provide students until November 6, 2020 to decide.

Public Service/Public Interest Exception: Candidates may request that an employer extend the deadline to accept the employer's offer until as late as April 1, 2021 if the candidate is actively pursuing positions with public interest, government organizations or a national fellowship award. Candidates may hold open only one offer in such circumstances. Employers are encouraged to grant such requests.

There may be circumstances where a student still needs more time, and in that case the student is strongly encouraged to come to OCS for advice on how to negotiate more time. Students do have power in this process and we are here to help them navigate this. Students are also encouraged to check out the vast OCS resources on salary and offer negotiation.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that when you accept an offer, you have a professional obligation to join that employer.  Reneging on an offer (i.e., accepting an offer, changing your mind and then rejecting it) is extremely unprofessional; doing so damages your professional reputation, the reputation of Yale alumni employed by that organization and, of course, the reputation of Yale University.

Organizations are invited to visit the Employer section of our website for additional helpful recruiting information.