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Portfolium:Share your Projects with Employers

Stand out to recruiters and showcase your projects, coursework, and skills in your own online portfolio. Your Portfolium is searchable, scalable, and free for life. The work you complete inside and outside of the classroom - the projects, presentations, papers, labs, clubs, and activities - is made searchable by employers who are looking for candidates with your experience. Tens of thousands of employers match their jobs to the skills you’ve demonstrated in your work, so a recent class project or presentation could be exactly what top employers are looking for.

Step 1: Create a free Portfolium instantly using projects you've already completed
Step 2: Submit your Portfolium to employers
Step 3: Match to jobs based on your skills and projects, not just your professional experience
Step 4: Use your Portfolium during the interview process to showcase proof of your skills

Build your Portfolium

The following is a list of possible items you can include in your account:

  • Projects and Coursework
  • Labs and Experiments
  • Study Abroad Experience
  • Presentations, Writing Samples, and Reports
  • Demonstrations of Specific Skills
  • Hobbies, Clubs/Orgs, Greek Life
  • Sports, Extracurriculars, and Group Activities

Discover what students around the country are sharing in their Portfolium accounts: