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Self-Reported Grade Sheets

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In some cases an employer may request an unofficial transcript, or a self-reported grade sheet. To create a grade sheet, use the information on your most recent academic record and create a PDF document.

Note: By submitting a self-reported grade sheet you are attesting that all grades listed are accurate and true. Falsification of any materials will result in disciplinary action as set out in the Yale College Undergraduate Regulations and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Professional Ethics & Regulations.

Sample Self-Reported Grade Sheet

Jane Smith
Yale College, Class of 20xx
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Term Course Description Grade Credit
Fall 20XX ECON 115 Introductory Microeconomics A- 1
  CHEM 161 General Chemistry I B+ 1
  CHEM 134L General Chemistry Laboratory I B+ 0.5
  HIST 103 The World Circa 1800 CR 1

Continue entering your grades using the format above. Enter the information below if your record contains a "CR" or a "W".

CR= Credit  W= Withdrew