International Chemical Biology Society

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Mission 1: Educate
As a relatively new field, chemical biology has been growing tremendously over the past few years. We aim to make contributions to the further promotion of the chemical biology field, and help scientists within or without this field better understand what the field entails and its potential to contribute to the frontiers of science. ICBS-Yale is dedicated to educating academics about chemical biology, starting locally with the Yale community, and then expanding to the greater New England area, working together with the ICBS-Boston Chapter.

Mission 2: Appreciate
As the chemical biology field starts to gain more appreciation, many academic institutions are looking to expand in this area. However, it has been noticed that graduate and post-doctoral trainees in chemical biology might still be at disadvantage and sometimes overlooked during job hunting due to the lack of robust understanding of this new field. ICBS-Yale will make efforts to garner more respect and appreciation for this discipline, hoping to bring trainees tremendous benefits in their future career development.

Mission 3: Bridge
ICBS-Yale is dedicated to better bridging the siloed worlds of trainees in the biological and biomedical sciences and trainees in chemistry. We aim to foster communication, collaboration, and community between these disparate research areas.

Mission 4: Connect
ICBS-Yale aims to build stronger connections between academia and industry, and thus provide professional resources to chemical biology trainees, as well as to those who conduct scientific research at the interface between chemistry and biological & biomedical sciences. Yale-based biotech startup companies and therapeutic innovation efforts launched by Yale faculties will also be exploited as tremendous resources within the Yale community, which could be more accessible for Yale trainees.

Mission 5: Develop
As a summary of all previously listed missions and purposes, ICBS-Yale is dedicated to the career development of Yale chemical biology trainees, as well as to those who conduct scientific research at the interface between chemistry and biological & biomedical sciences.

Akin to Cancer Immunotherapy, the awarding of the Nobel Prize has popularized this rapidly evolving field. Its broad scope and impact are recognized in various arenas, including medicine, genetics, enzymology, immunology, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, bioengineering, materials science, and synthetic biology. Familiarizing yourself with the tools and methods of Chemical Biology will ensure your scientific knowledge remains broadly relevant and provide you with a means to apply cutting-edge approaches to your own field and research.

Join the Yale Chapter of the International Chemical Biology Society. We are a graduate and professional student organization open to students and post-docs from all schools and departments. We work to organize events, seminars, and sessions that will:
1) Highlight ongoing research utilizing Chemical Biology from all Yale Schools and Departments
2) Equip members with concepts and methods that can be applied in their own research
3) Provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations across Yale and beyond
4) Offer networking opportunities with leaders and researchers doing Chemical Biology at Yale as well as other registered ICBS Chapters throughout the world
5) Offer workshops and mentoring sessions to brainstorm how to apply chemical biology approaches to facilitate your research
6) Offer networking opportunities with the industry

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