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The portfolio of the Office of Career Strategy (OCS) is extremely varied and includes career advising, experiential learning programs, event management, employer engagement, graduate and professional school advising, and data collection of summer and postgraduate activities.

To search detailed outcomes information for Yale College from the past three years by college major, job function, location, salary and employer, visit the OCS CareerBot at the bottom right of any OCS page. Start your search by typing 'Career Outcomes' and from there you can choose various options.


Download the 2018-2019 OCS Annual Report

  • 19,375 total students and alums engaged with the resources of OCS.
  • OCS hosted more than 100 career educational events and workshops.
  • The Common Good & Creative Careers team supported students interested in pursuing careers that make a difference and encourage creativity.

Yale College Statistics

OCS tracks the choices of Yale College students during their summers and after graduation. Through the Class Lists and Peer Networking Lists available in the Document Library on the Yale Career Link students are encouraged to connect with their current peers and recent graduates to learn about specific experiences.

Tip: Highlights from the Class of 2018 First Destination Report

  • 95.2% of the Class was employed or in graduate school six months after graduation
  • 35.7% of the Class chose to work at a small or mid-size employer (fewer than 100 employees)
  • 35.4% of the Class chose to work at a non-profit, NGO, government or other public agency
  • 67.6% of the Class reported a starting salary over $50,000, 44.4% reported a starting salary over $70,000
  • 85.6% of the Class stated that their job was related to their area of study

Class of 2018: First Destination Infographic

Yale College: First Destination Reports

Note: First Destination Reports are based on outcomes reported six months after graduation under the guidelines set by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 

To search detailed outcomes information from the past three years by major, function, location, salary and employer, visit the OCS CareerBot at the bottom right of any OCS webpage. Start your search choosing the 'Career Outcomes' button on a new conversation and from there you will be able to choose various options.

Yale College: Summer Activities Reports

Note: Summer Reports are released annually in October. 

Yale College: A Four Year Look

Note: Four-Year Out Reports are released annually during the fall semester.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences: Program Statistics

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences collects program information on behalf of departments and the University. Visit the GSAS Program Statistics pages for reports on aggregate data about Ph.D. admissions, enrollment, degree completion, and employment.

Postdocs: Career Outcomes

Visit the Yale Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, career development pages to view the results of the most recent career outcomes surveys./sites/default/files/files/OCS%20Stats%20pages/Final%20Summer%202019%20Report.pdf