What were the details of your internship and accomplishments?

As an AACC GSAS Fellow, I worked on a wide variety of programming and initiatives for the Asian and Asian American community at Yale. These involved facilitating AACC-run events throughout the semester, and supporting the 49 AACC-affiliated student organizations around campus.

I worked with the other AACC Graduate Assistants to create a stronger sense of community for G&P students across the 13 schools, with events such as brunch or organizing weekly study spaces. In addition, I collaborated with a number of undergraduate staffers on the Alumni Engagement team to better connect with the growing AACC alumni network, as well as develop an alumni database system and engagement strategy to better reflect the AACC’s present needs. Together with the team, I also co-moderated and organized an in-person panel to highlight alumni working in New Haven. Further, I worked with the Historic, Artistic, and Cultural Resources team to celebrate the dynamism of Asian and Asian American culture, such as a film screening by Thai filmmaker Kai Nottapon Boonprakob.

What are the main skills that you acquired?

My goals for this role were to contribute towards programming with the Asian and Asian American community at Yale, and create institutional linkages across Yale. I feel that they were met through unique opportunities. I was able to bring together my research interests in Southeast Asian studies with important conversations around Asian American identity, history, and racial justice. Key skills that I developed during this role include event planning, project management, interpersonal skills, teamwork, as well as oral and written communication.

What were the biggest challenges and learning opportunities of the fellowship?

My biggest challenge was negotiating the rhythms of intense Yale semesters and the uncertainty that comes along with COVID-19, while trying to effectively organize programming and support various teams. It was also important to reflect on my own time and energy management, as I was balancing other coursework and teaching commitments too. It’s been an absolute privilege to work as a Fellow at the AACC, especially with the wonderful bonding sessions, staff trainings, and opportunity to be part of such a vibrant community on campus.