“Although you may have found it challenging to find a job or enter into academia as you thought about leaving the military, from my perspective employers are eager to give vets with an advanced degree a shot at employment. Thus, you should feel encouraged as you enter into the process of applying to careers. If you’ve already identified potential employers, lean into your military background and ask recruiters to connect you with other veterans at the firm. I found that this was a great way to build my network and develop key skills. However, if you’re struggling to identify exactly what you want to do after graduate school, I suggest that you spend a significant amount of time reflecting on both your military experience and your graduate education to identify the aspects of each that brought you joy and then seek careers where those aspects are central to the position. One final note, while in graduate school, I recommend connecting with students at the School of Management. I found that I had an easier time relating to and getting along with students who have had previous real-world experiences, something I found consistently at the School of Management (plus you can take classes there for $30 each!) Certainly, these are just my experiences and they may not fit your situation as well.”

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