Cody Musselman (PhD, Religious Studies)

In fall 2020, I took position as a fellow in GSAS Communications office as a Graduate Professional Experience (GPE) fellow. The GPE program is offered by Yale’s Office of Career Strategy. It places graduate students in temporary positions across the university. I decided to apply for this program because, as a sixth-year doctoral candidate, I wanted to gain more professional experiences outside of my field and I wanted to catch a glimpse of what went into administrative work in higher education.

Working for the GSAS Communications office turned out to be a perfect fit for me. While at Yale, I have always enjoyed attending social gatherings where I could meet students from across the graduate school. Everyone is doing such interesting, specialized research and every encounter is an opportunity to learn something new.  Now, in my role as communications fellow, I get to write about those informal peer-to-peer learning moments for a broader audience. Any given week I collect stories about student life, interview alumni, write profiles of student research, and contribute to the Yale GSAS social media.

This position has helped expand my understanding of the breadth and depth of research happening at Yale and it has also increased my appreciation for the significance of communications work. In a university as vast as Yale, it is important that we learn about the work of our colleagues in different disciplines. We might find that we have overlapping interests or complimentary skill sets that birth interdisciplinary collaboration. Or we might learn of a colleague’s newfound success of which we can celebrate. Communications helps make Yale a community and I am grateful the GPE fellowship has allowed me to learn more about the ins-and-outs of institutional community building.