What were the details of your internship and accomplishments?

Throughout this internship, I organized and analyzed data regarding SEAS Diversity and Equity Initiatives (DEIB). I collaborated with different departments across Yale University, including the SEAS Communications team and the Office of Institutional Research, to compile pre-existing data across undergraduate, graduate student, postdoctoral, and faculty bodies. Afterwards, I used different data science software, such as excel and R Studio, to organize data.  

Furthermore, I assisted on other initiatives, such as planning and executing a SEAS DEIB luncheon to encourage discussion for promoting diversity and equity on campus, as well as compiling data on DEIB workshops hosted by the Poorvu Center. 

What are the main skills that you acquired?

I wanted to gain more skills on the communication surrounding hard science, such as engineering, as I intend to go into science policy post-graduation. I’ve obtained skills looking at data beyond an engineering perspective, and I was able to apply some of my coding skills towards a real-life application. Furthermore, I was able to network with other departments, and I’m continuing my work with the SEAS Communications team to publish scientific articles for the general public. 

What were the biggest challenges and learning opportunities of the fellowship?

I think that the learning difficulty of organizing data in excel and R were initially challenging. I’m not used to looking at large, pre-existing datasets and filtering them. It’s a really useful skill, and I was able to learn how to find more resources online on how to do so.