Describe your project:

Alongside NACC’s Dean, I helped develop an Alumni and career outreach program
to foster relationships between current students and alumni. We explored multiple
ways to build relationships across NACC’s alumni and current students. This
included designing surveys, launching NACC’s Communitybook, and hosting a pilot
alumni speed networking event.

What are the main skills that you acquired?

This position has helped me develop and strengthen my organizational skills, as well
as my ability to communicate ideas to students, administrative staff, and faculty.
Additionally, I improved my ability to collaborate and create events and virtual spaces
for students and alumni to connect and strengthen NACC’s community beyond

What were the biggest challenges and learning opportunities of the fellowship?

The biggest challenge of the fellowship for me was navigating how to balance my
dissertation research and my fellowship obligations. However, my advisor, Dean M,
was incredibly understanding and set realistic expectations and deadlines for the
projects we pursued this past semester. I learned how to manage my time wisely
throughout the fellowship, and am grateful for all the opportunities this experience