Meisha Bynoe (PhD ’10, Microbiology)

What did you study at Yale, and what is your current profession/job?

I am the Director of Customer Services & Business Operations at Philips Healthcare Canada. I graduated from Yale with my Ph.D. in microbiology in December 2010.

What do you like most about your current role? What do you find most challenging and/ or rewarding?

I enjoy working in the healthcare industry – I find the work meaningful as healthcare delivery is an essential service. Having recently transitioned into my current role, I am enjoying the process of learning as well as working with a new team. I work with some incredible, intelligent, and driven individuals who are passionate about their work.

How did your time at Yale shape your career trajectory?

I was able to foster a curiosity at Yale that I continue to leverage to this day. At Yale, I was able to explore variety of interests new things, and each novel experience taught me something new. For example, participating in case competitions opened my eyes to consulting, which I later pursued in my career. I was also one of the first graduate students in the Medical Research Scholars Program; my learnings from this program have served me well as I continue to build my career in the healthcare sector

What are the main skills that you acquired as a PhD student which help make you successful in your current career?

While graduate students around the world may specialize in a variety of subjects, I strongly believe that there is a common thread across the board. That link is the requirement to hone critical thinking skills. As a graduate student, you learn to articulate a problem or question, and devise methods of addressing it, amidst challenges and unknowns. There is also a tenacity that is required to run the course of a PhD, particularly given the ups and downs that are inherent to the journey.

Did you acquire any professional experience related to your line of work while in graduate school?


What advice would you offer PhDs who are interested in your line of work?

Be open to the possibilities. My road was not linear in the least, and it was all my experiences together that have led me to where I am today. Keep exploring!