Describe your project:

Through my GPE fellowship with Yale’s Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology (CBIT) I had the opportunity to gain experience in many aspects of biomedical technology development and increase awareness of the incredible resources CBIT can offer by expanding their outreach efforts. I coordinated joint programming with student organizations on campus across various disciplines (medicine, STEM, business, law), led the development of an exciting new innovation course, spearheaded a “success story” series featuring outstanding entrepreneurs CBIT has helped, and revamped the CBIT social media platforms in order to increase awareness, effectiveness, and accessibility.

What are the main skills that you acquired?

A key skill that I acquired was how to identify a need, as well as the most efficient and impactful way in which we can meet it. This was especially important when working with such diverse groups and understanding how we can align with their core mission and goals.

What were the biggest challenges and learning opportunities of the fellowship?

As an immunology PhD student, I have a strong foundation in scientific research and was seeking to build upon this by gaining experience in the regulatory, financial, and technical aspects of biomedical technology development. This fellowship provided a fantastic learning opportunity for me to do so by navigating communication across various disciplines that contribute to biomedical innovation and reaffirmed for me the power and value of interdisciplinary collaboration. It has been a true pleasure working with the CBIT leadership team and I look forward to expanding these projects in the spring semester!