What were the details of your internship and accomplishments?

We design survey and interview the curators at the Yale Art Gallery. It is the first time to disclose art acquisition process and we draft articles to be published at the Yale News. It will help our Yale community better understand how Yale Art Gallery works.

What are the main skills that you acquired?

I am super interested in the project related to Yale Art Gallery. I not only learn the art acquisition process but also exercise my survey designing and communications skills. For example, I exercise my interaction skills with senior curators during the interview process. I also hone mywriting skills when I article the story. These communication skills and writing skills are superhelpful to my professional development.

What were the biggest challenges and learning opportunities of the fellowship?

The biggest challenge is that projects is ambiguous. It requires me to drive the project proactively. But it is great learning opportunity for me as I learn how to initiate an interesting project and streamline how to conduct each step. For example, I figure out the survey and interviewee. I never have this experience before.