PhD Podcast Learning Module 4: Planning Your Podcast Episodes


To understand steps involved in planning and creating a podcast episode.

Individual Activities:

Outline Your Episode:

Review these resources to facilitate your planning, structure possible stories, and develop a roadmap from idea to final product.

  1. Preparing a Podcast (Intersect Job Simulations).
  2. A Blueprint for Planning Storytelling Projects (NPR), (includes PDF and Google Docs template).
  3. A Guide to Planning Out a Podcast Episode. 
  4. How to Structure Your Podcast in 4 Steps.

Learn How to Get Great Interviews:

Like many podcasts, your podcast may rely on interviews rather than a fully scripted narrative.  Learn how to get great interviews from NPR:

  1. The show editor’s interview checklist.
  2. Before the first question: How to prepare for an audio interview.
  3. From pitch to story: These 32 questions can help editors guide reporters.
  4. Trill, buzz, floss, breathe: Coach yourself to sound your best.

Structuring/Scripting Your Episode:

  1. Once you have done your research and interviews, you may want to create a script to direct the flow of your episode (review the scripting and editing process in Preparing a Podcast (Intersect Job Simulations)).
  2. Read some beginner tips and find sample templates here. and here.

Team Activities:

  1. Discuss which topics seem most compelling and finalize the topic for your first episode.
  2. Brainstorm possible interviewees for the episode and decide on an outreach strategy.
  3. Review the format of the episode – does the interview format make sense, or would a narrative be more compelling?
  4. Think about bells and whistles to add to the episode to make it engaging to your audience.
  5. Decide on a process and timeline for the team to structure and strict your episode, review drafts, and provide feedback.